Our Story

An Idea is Born

We love the water and all the sports involved. We see paddle boarding as an incredible way to enjoy the outdoors, keep fit and all the while fueling a lifelong love for the sport. One of the major roadblocks for the growth of this great sport is the ability to purchase good quality boards at a price accessible by the average person or family. We decided to take on this challenge and turn it into an opportunity. 

So Sea Dog Water Sports was born…

 Our First Board

We have designed what we believe is an excellent quality board that appeals to many different styles and sizes of riders. Our premiere board, the Advantage 10-6 is a high performing all around SUP. It performs as well on the flat waters as it does riding the waves like a traditional surfboard. We are confident that you will love your Sea Dog paddle board as much as we do.

Do to huge response to our Advantage 10-6 iSUP we are proud to offer the Advantage 12-6. The Advantage 12-6 is a true touring board for those more advanced paddle boarders who are looking to go farther and spend more time on the water. 

Our new 2021 Advantage 10-6 iSUP

Since we design and distribute our boards ourselves we are able to provide you an awesome board at a much lower price than comparable boards. We have cut out the “middlemen” that forces many paddle board companies to raise their prices out of reach of the average consumer wanting to enjoy paddle boarding. Without these price increases we can offer excellent quality boards and all the accessories at a fair price.  

Once you take a good look at our boards and accessories you will see the quality and value that we have worked so hard to deliver. Add that to our 5 Star customer service and you won't go anywhere else.

Proudly Canadian!

Give us a call or email and let's all get paddle boarding!