Our Advantage iSUPs are the best choice for paddlers who want a board that is easy to transport. For many paddlers the idea of strapping a 11′ paddle board to the top of their car is a non-starter. Our inflatables roll up to the size of a large backpack. You can throw the Advantage iSUP in the trunk of a car and save yourself traveling space and the hassle of wrestling with a large hard paddle board.

Transporting an iSUP is a non-issue you don’t even need to think about.  If you buy a hard paddle board you need to figure out how you are going to move it around. That usually means buying a roof rack. Roof racks will cost you hundreds of dollars. With an iSUP you don’t have to think about a rack. You can travel in your car without ever thinking that your board could fly off the roof. iSUPs are a easy worry-free, space saving solution to transporting a paddle board. That means you can even ride a bus or a bicycle with our board in a backpack.

Hiking with the Advantage iSUP

ISUPs are also great for paddling lakes, rivers or ocean areas that are not accessible by car. An ISUP can be thrown into a backpack and taken anywhere you can walk. Our ISUPs are light making them very portable.  You can now explore lakes and rivers not accessible by a car.

Traveling on a plane

Bringing a paddle board on your vacation just got simple. Traveling on a plane with a 11′ hard paddle board could easily cost you hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the hassle of lugging it around and then finding a place to store it. And, unfortunately, paddle board rentals are not cheap. Because the our Advantage iSUPs roll up into the size of a large backpack. You can paddle everyday on vacation and save the cost of a rental and the hassle of flying with an 11′ board.