3 Piece Carbon Shaft Paddle

Sea Dog Water Sports

  • Next to your board the paddle is the most important piece of gear. That is why we have included our 3-piece adjustable Sea Dog Carbon Shaft paddle in all our paddle board packages.
  • Other companies will include an aluminum paddle because it costs so little and there are lots of reasons why. Aluminum is heavy, conducts temperature (gets hot or cold depending on the environment), won’t float for long and doesn’t perform well.
  • We want you to have the best experience possible and that means having a carbon shaft paddle that is very light, floats and performs well. Paddle boarding is a great work out but you don’t need to expend extra energy utilizing a heavy paddle.
    • The Sea Dog Carbon shaft paddle weighs in at only 872 grams
    • The paddle length is 66''/165 cm long when at its minimum and is 85''/213 cm when fully extended. 
    • The paddle breaks down into 3 compact pieces for easy storage.
    • The durable plastic/nylon blade (16''/41 cm long and 8.25''/21 cm wide) features a proven design shape to get the maximum power from each stroke as well as to prevent blade twisting.
    • The quick release system helps fast and easy assembling - the blade can be easily inserted into the shaft, and the handle can be fastened at any location by a buckle on the shaft
    •  No matter cruising, surfing, or racing, this paddle will  help you reach your goal easily.

    Check out this video to see how our paddle assembles.

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