Adventure P10 Pedal Kayak

Sea Dog Water Sports

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The Sea Dog Water Sports Adventure P10 pedal kayak is a culmination of informed design. It has a ton of features the experienced kayak fisherman or distance traveler will love while remaining compact, lightweight, and agile. The core of the P10 sit-on-top kayak is a streamlined roto-molded UV-protected HDPE hull measuring 10 feet long and 34 inches wide. It rides currents, slices through the chop, and glides over still water with effortless grace. The craft weighs only 69 pounds, so carrying it overland is easy thanks to built-in handles at the bow and stern and on either side of the hull. We also include our easy mover scupper cart for easy transportation of your kayak from the car/cottage to the water.



Every kayak is custom ordered so choose from over 100 colour styles.


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But of course, it's the kayak pedal drive system that most excites; with bicycle-style pedals turning a high-efficiency propeller, you can tuck your paddle into the kayak's paddle keeper and go hands-free. The kayak pedals have adjustable straps to keep your feet secure, and the entire system can be removed for traditional paddling if you prefer. The P10 can be controlled via its hand-operated rudder, which allows for sharp, precise turns or slow, wide arcs as conditions merit. The P10 speeds vary depending on currents and wind, but we find pedaling 3.5 miles per hour all day long smooth and easy.  Max speed is approximately 5 mph.

Among this kayak's other highlights is the craft's copious capacity for cargo. It features a large water-resistant hatch set into the bow that can safely stow items such as a wallet, keys, and snacks. The P10 pedal kayak also has a large rear cargo area with bungee tie-down straps; this area is ideal for bulky items such as a tackle box, dry bag, or cooler. Scupper holes allow water to drain out of the kayak and can be sealed with included scupper plugs.

The chair of the P10 is built around a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame and has a padded and supportive backrest and seat. It can be adjusted for comfort or to maximize your efficiency as you paddle, pedal, or fish.   The seat can also be removed and utilized as a beach chair on land while you enjoy a lunch on shore.

Fishermen will appreciate the trio of flush-mounted rod holders that can keep rods out of the way during travel or keep lines in the water during trolling, and all paddlers will be thrilled by the comfortable, ergonomic aluminum frame seat that comes with the kayak.  The P10 pedal kayak can accommodate a combined user and cargo weight up to 330 pounds. Rock-solid stability, clutter-free cockpit: the design empowers even the heavy angler to stand and sight-cast or to just relax and enjoy the day on the water.

The rail mount system means easy on-and-off for rod holders and purposely-positioned rails for mounting cameras to capture your trophy catch.  There are also two other mounting platforms for GPS or fish finders.

Even if you aren't in to fishing, the P10 is an awesome kayak to enjoy a day on the water.  The effortless pedal system means you won't tire out as you use the major muscles in your legs instead of your arms and shoulders.  Everyone regardless of age or stature will be able to propel this kayak through the water with little effort. 

Because each kayak is ordered individually you can choose from over 100 different colour combinations to make your kayak exactly the way you want it!

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Also included is a 2 piece adjustable aluminum paddle and one mountable rod holder.

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LENGTH 10″/3.16m
WIDTH 34″/86.30cm
HEIGHT 14.6″/37.30cm
CAPACITY 330lbs/150kg
FITTED HULL WEIGHT 69lbs/31.40kg
FULL RIGGED WEIGHT 87.30lbs/42.20kg

*Fitted Hull Weight is the weight of the kayak without the seat and the Propel Pedal Drive installed, if applicable. This is the weight that is typically lifted when transporting the kayak.

*Fully Rigged Weight is the weight with the seat and Propel Pedal Drive installed. Typically, the seat and Propel Pedal Drive are installed when the kayak is about to be launched.


  • Propel pedal drive system with FORWARD AND REVERSE
  • Deluxe hand sewn seating adjustable inseam
  • Left hand rudder control system
  • Impact resistant low profile stern rudder
  • Hard shell bow hatch
  • Three flush mount rod holders
  • Two groove tracks for accessory mounting
  • Two flat mounting platforms for accessories
  • Premium anti slip deck padding for standing
  • Propel drive trunk cover with accessory tray and cup holder
  • Paddle holder
  • Dry storage hatch
  • Four carry handles
  • Rear storage well
  • Sup seal scupper plugs
  • Drain plug
  • D-ring eyelets with luggage straps
  • Easy move scupper cart
  • Aluminum paddle
  • One (1) fishing rod holder



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